I believe Physicians should combine warmth and compassion as well expertise in their field.  They should collaborate respectfully, sharing responsibility with you in making health care decisions.  They should draw upon your strengths and preferences and help you to identify and exercise those options that you feel are most likely to restore your resilience and confidence in the face of adversity. They should offer advice that can be counted upon when it matters.  I utilize my training as a specialist physician in Psychiatry to diagnose and treat complex patterns of stress. I take the time to listen to my patients and carefully understand how they feel and what they want and need in consultation. I work compassionately and collaboratively to utilize those options which are most concordant with my patients’ deeply held values and beliefs and which evoke the most powerful confidence in restoring their health. I respect that persons are often coming to see me during some of the most challenging times in their lives and need someone they can trust and rely upon. I respect and incorporate the faith, values and strengths of the person that I am consulting with as critical pillars in their treatment.

I am highly experienced in the broadest range of the most effective treatments we know of today, from training my patients in applying highly advanced stress management techniques such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy or “CBT” - to the therapeutic use of medications proven safe and effective in carefully controlled research studies. I don't hide behind a lot of jargon and technical language and hope to help persons feel empowered to participate actively in making decisions about their health.  I feel extremely honored and find tremendous satisfaction in seeing confidence and resilience triumph over the darkest of times.

I work best with persons who are actively interested in learning more about how our emotional systems work and how we can better manage our emotions through developing skill in the exercise of our strengths and virtues. I have conducted randomized controlled trials (research studies) of several cognitive behavioral therapies and have more than a decade of experience in training persons to apply these powerful techniques in their lives. As a physician, I am also highly trained in the evidence based pharmacologic (medication) management of emotional distress. I have conducted research in the use of medications and in combining counseling and medications to improve resilience also. I do not accept payment from pharmaceutical or insurance companies in order to remain objective as a consultant to my patients.  I have a good idea of the types of treatments that are likely to help in various circumstances and am committed to promoting resilience using all of the options which have been found safe and effective in carefully controlled scientific research. I invite each person to be an active collaborator in the process.

I generally encourage my patients to learn and actively apply sophisticated skills in advanced stress management techniques like CBT that incorporate deeply held values and strengths as the first step in their recovery. I find that many persons feel very empowered with these methods alone and the majority of persons I work with make substantial gains even without the use of medications. I generally work to avoid or use as little medication as possible in order to achieve desired goals consistent with recommendations in evidence based treatment guidelines and the preferences of my patients. If a person is doing their best in applying advanced stress management strategies and still struggling, I, as a Physician, have the option of increasing the intensity of the treatment and considering compassionate and sophisticated use of medications and the full range of other technical interventions as appropriate and desired by my patients in their recovery. I will always respect the preferences of the person I am working with and will never pressure anyone to accept a treatment that they do not feel comfortable with. I will always give someone my honest opinion as to the options they might consider. It is my hope to provide you with a consultation that is truly world class in terms of the quality and confidence that you will have in your care.